European paths experimentation aimed at promoting refugees and their families integration

The project goals

  • With the project we want to find out how to promote a Community Social Entrepreneurship i.e. a mix of economic and social activities, supported by multistakeholder networks (public or private, profit or non profit), that pursue common social needs, for example creating new employment opportunities and promoting people’s creativity.
  • In this way, some multisectorials micro-projects (agricolture, tourism, environment…) can arise and they can satisfy the needs of the communities and of the refugees involved in the project. These micro-projects can be volunteering-type, commercial and productive.
    Thanks to the intercultural dialogue and the active involvement of people and refugees’ families, we can develop our project together with the citizens and every other available organization

The project phases


Good practice Research in every partner Country and European common Guidelines delineation, in order to help anyone who wants to undertake new initiatives in his own community.


Groups of comparison, called ‘Community Building Sites’ (local authorities, neighbourhoods and citizens, associations, profit and non profit companies, foundations) have to be created in every local community to co-design actions that bring to the creation of Community Social Entrepreneurships. This can be reached through training paths for refugees who can join the community giving a real contribution.

Our goal is to demonstrate that the local development means also social and productive integration of people who are seeking refuge, in Italy as in Europe, allowing them to offer their help and allowing the local communities to plan together an important part of our future

Ealing – England

Ealing Equality Council aid organization which works to face the social changing and to build positive relationships with the ethnic minorities.

Folkuniversitetet – Sweden

Swedish university association involved in adults and migrants training.

VHS Hannover – Germany

Hanover city hall training center actively involved in the research of innovative methods to develop social business and employment.

Emilia Romagna Region – Italy


Workfare active policies department in cooperation with the economic-productive developmental policies.

Open Consortium – Italy

Association of 6 authorities of professional training, located in 11 italian regions, involved in the training and work support for people in need.

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