Project Leader Stefano Cuppini

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OPEN Consortium was founded in 2007 within a project funded by the ESF. On that occasion, the cooperation between different actors of vocational training and labor inclusion of young people and adults who are in serious social disadvantage, economic and cultural, have led to the desire to set up a partnership based on shared goals. In 2010 Consortium was formed, becoming a national network to combat social exclusion of people with disadvantage through activities and social rehabilitation services and training aimed at redefining a new life project.
OPEN priority aims to develop new systems and strategies to promote social inclusion and employment of people who have a serious social disadvantage and live in the margins.
In order to achieve these objectives we promote the participation of people in training and employment support by promoting initiatives of comparison and debate as the inter-professional training for organizational well-being of the personnel involved; the dialogue between the institutions (companies, social economy, citizenship); Involving local institutions, national and European to stimulate the change of the policies and practices of public institutions.