Modelli Inclusione Lavoro Rifugiati
Inclusion and Job Patterns for Refugees
Project ID: 2016-1-IT01-KA202-005446 – CUP G36J16000820006


Meeting venue: 4th Floor Villiers House next to Ealing Broadway Station Ealing London W5 2NU 07932 867 100 (Ricky’s Phone)

TUESDAY 13 February 2018

Morning session

1). 3rd Steering Committee Meeting opened by Councillor Ranjit Dheer, (Order of the British Empire (OBE), Magistrate (JP), Freeman of the Ealing Borough, Deputy Leader of the Ealing Borough Council) who spoke of the need for such a project as MILAR and gave his own experiences of being a migrant who has been at the forefront of helping migrants and refugees in London

2). Experiences of Asylum Seekers, Refugees, and pathways into training and work / social enterprise/private companies were given by various refugees and migrants. For example:

-One Child Refugee, a male came on the back of a lorry;

-another Refugee, a female, was fleeing Al Shabab a terrorist organisation in Somalia who were trying to murder her.

– One Refugee explained that he has started his own accountancy social enterprise, employing other refugees and currently has 200 clients. He found this difficult as he did not get support from banks or other agencies. 2

– Another young female person came from Baghdad by way of Sweden and is now studying law in London and is being trained by EEC to become a Solicitor in the future when she finishes her legal studies in the next 3 years.

3) Dr John Blackmore, Chief Executive of Action West London a charity and social enterprise.

He discussed how his organisation Action West London’s objective is to change lives of refugees through providing training in speaking the (English) language, providing paths into employment, education and enterprise opportunities in West London boroughs.

Afternoon session

4) MILAR Lead Partners – OPEN

Guideline first revision – OPEN

Discussion about IO 3 – OPEN and each partner present its schedule and job

Discussion about IO 4 first hypothesis – OPEN and each partner

Evening session

5). Reception by the Mayor Councillor Simon Woodroofe at the Mayor’s Parlour, Ealing Town Hall, New Broadway, Ealing, W5 2BY

WEDNESDAY 14 February 2018

Morning session

6). Stefano, Barbara and Team from Italy, Sweden, and Germany. UK: as Lead by colleagues from Italy 3

7). Dr Bernard Andonian, Refugee and Immigration Judge (for 25 years) and a Solicitor for 40 years discussed:

– The legal issues pertaining to Refugees

– How the law treats Refugees and the difficulties faced by Asylum Seekers trying to get their status as Refugees.

-This can be very time consuming and often takes many years to achieve.

8). Stephano/Barbara summed up the morning’s proceedings

Afternoon Session

(9) A visit to University of West London to see how training at Pilars Restaurant for student which included Refugees.

10) Visit to St Mary’s Road Campus, University of West London was hosted by Professor Kwame Akuffo, OBE, and Justice of the Peace

11). Summary and Guideline revision

– OPEN Discussion about IO 3

– OPEN and each partner present its schedule and work

Discussion about IO 4, first hypothesis – OPEN and each partner


Dates agreed

By 1.2.3- of March: first revision of guidelines (send text revisions to Stefano)

By middle of March a good layout o fit

Output III (Guidelines)

Should end in July 2018 4

Sept-October 2018: collection of the additional information (from our groups or so)

End of November: Output III should be ready

Output IV Toolkit

What is a tookit?

Ingmarie: look at the result of focus group meeting; = what the refugees say they need;

We then plan do to various modules

– Learning about marketing

– Learning about etc.

– How to network

– ICT skills

– Module of how to research for funding

(But this will be different for different sectors)

Ingmarie: Our toolbox will be: collection of teaching aids for refugees leading in the direction of CSE.

Ingmarie will send us (CG and Yousef) their existing learning materials.


1) Plan what to teach, and whom to include

2) Fill it with local things

– E.g. Restaurant business: What skills do I need?

– Attend a learning course for cooking

– What else 5

3) Collect all this information (then we will have four experiences from 4 countries), but we will have to find the common point

Ingmarie: This sounds like a report: it is not a tool (for refugees), rather simply a report.


Output 4 – Tool (kit)?

– We could do a report on the training

– We can put the methodology and didactics etc. (into writing);

– Second Part of Output 4: implement a real toolkit for Refugees, e.g. in Sweden a Book on self-employment, marketing and social enterprise

– By March we can validate this proposal.

In March we should have

– The main proposal / the document for the training / where we plan the training

The toolkit can be different for each country.

Stephano – what is a toolkit?

– New methodology of training (for CSE)

– E.g. testing in “Restaurant” area: training course restaurant business

– List of necessary knowledge

– Methodology for the training used in your country (the didactics used)

– EG. Emilia Romagna has a lot of finances for refugee training, courses, mentoring, internship – but we want to make a different kind of training – in Milar we have the freedom to innovate. – I could begin the path way with MILAR and then use the ESF or so to enhance the skills 6

Second part of Toolkit

– Ingmarie: makes training for sales, gives the refugees a book.

– Hannover: crafts area / produce a book (for the refugees), with special focus on methodology be adjusted to CSE: involve as a teacher all parts of citizenships, all institutes etc.

– Other Erasmus project: Cantile Pedagogic (Pedagogical Project): you have to clean and rebuild and repair common spaces / = part of community, and also enhancement of skills. This can be used for example as a didactic methodology.

Next meeting already in June?

– To discuss output 4?

– So far it was planned to be in October, but also might be in September

Link Output 3 with Output 4

Ingmarie will provide a grid / layout / template – and we fill it

To dos CG

– Alessandra clarify Timesheets

– Further timesheets

– Prepare some info for website MILAR

– Translate the guidelines!

6pm Meeting Concluded