Project Erasmus +
Modelli Inclusione Lavoro Rifugiati
Inclusion and Job Patterns for Refugees
Project ID: 2016-1-IT01-KA202-005446 – CUP G36J16000820006
2nd Partner meeting
March 28th – 29th 2017

The minutes follows the order in the agenda for the meeting.

Stefano Cuppini (SC)
Massimo Ferrara (MF
OPEN Consortium  (OPEN)
OPEN Consortium  (OPEN)
Ingmarie Rohdin(IR)
Folkuniversitetet Kristianstad (FU)
Åsa Kajsdotter (ÅK)
Folkuniversitetet Kristianstad (FU)
Åsa Hedlin-Olsson (ÅHO)
Folkuniversitetet Kristianstad (FU)
Irfan Arif (IA)
Ricky Singh (RS)
Anja Kobus (AK)
Christian Gieselmann(CG)
Ealing Equality Council (EEC)
Ealing Equality Council (EEC)
VHS Hannover
VHS Hannover

Welcome and introduction of the agenda.

IO1 – Transnational research framework on Community Welfare good practices
Discussion concerning the results from IO1.
Discussions of the definition of -What is SCE – Social Community Enterprises?
All partner presents their results from the surveys/research and which case studies that will be developed with deep interview questions.
VHS (CG) presented the deep interview questionnaires for the partnership.

IO2 – Guidelines to a social enterprises model community
Operative definition of a common SCE transnational model to be elaborated on the transnational Research Framework (IO1).
•    The guidelines will represent the conjunction between the research framework and the local experiences (IO 3 and 4).
•    They will be used to guide and follow:
•    the institutional programming  about ESF/ERDF funds
•    the operative implementation of the different local SCE actions.
•    Guidelines are the base for experimental actions of SCE and refugees’ training  in output 3 and 4
Information and discussion about transnational peer to peer training of TME: 6 days
•    The elaboration of the GUIDELINES is handled by a Transnational Multidisciplinary Team (TMT) using a PEER TO PEER TRAINING (ECVET certified)
•    6 days (1 travel) in Milan for 11 operators, to produce the experimental model of Social Community Enterprises (Guidelines)
•    Peer to peer Training – with the help of a facilitator – using analytical and evaluation confrontation, discussions, seminar events, study visits.

The Program for the Training course was presented by OPEN and will be hold in Milan 3-7 of July 2017
See document Training Program Output 2

IO3 – Compendium of local experiences on Social Community Enterprises
OPEN Informed about the activities for IO3 and the time schedule.
For example following activities was discussed:
1 or 2 local meetings per LME to analyse the guidelines and program the local experimentation: 5 participants per group
–    evaluation of possible activities/SCE favouring employability;
–    aggregation of stakeholders within local networks;
–    contact a group of people requesting political asylum.

1 FOCUS GROUP involving asylum seekers/refugees (at least 10 people per focus group) in every territory identifying training/employment needs.
See document Output Milar

Dissemination plan & activities
A Milar drop box map have been developed and shared with all the partnership. The dissemination plan are uploaded and OPEN will upload dissemination template were the partnership will do documentation of dissemination activities included evidence such as photos, attendance lists, printscreens etc…
Dissemination activities was discussed and what have been done and what we need todo.
•    Project leaflet – Have been developed and will be translated in to the partners languages.
•    Project website –
•    Facebook page – have been developed with one admin from each partner.
•    YouTube channel – will be created
•    Self-made videos and Photos – will be collected from different dissemination activities such as the deep interviews from IO1.
•    Press releases – The first press release have been done and will be translated in to the partners languages

Next steps, next meeting

The Training course

The transnational training will take place on July 3rd to 7th (travel on the 2nd) in Milan, Italy, where IO2 guidelines will be defined and the ECVET certificate will be produced.
2 Participants per partner country.

Transnational meeting in the UK
London 13th -14th Feb 2018 (travel day 11th Feb)

Todos & Deadlines
Send 5 Case studies per partner to VHS – Deadline 30 April
Milar financial – Deadline 18 April
Send information concerning Dissemination Activities to OPEN – Deadline 18 April
Videos and photos from the deep interviews – Deadline 30 April