Project Coordinator Christian Geiselmann

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VHS Hannover (full name: Ada-und-Theodor-Lessing-Volkshochschule Hannover) is the adult education centre of the city of Hannover, capital of the German province of Lower Saxony. VHS Hannover is a non-profit organization affiliated to the municipality. It is financed through course fees and public subsidies. It offers  further education courses and events of around a 130.000 teaching periods per year, attened by 30.000 participants per year.

VHS Hannover is open every day including at weekends to offer daytime courses, evening classes, weekend seminars, excursions and other events. The educational programme includes a broad range of topics of general, vocational, social and cultural education.  Areas of teaching are: 1. Society, Environment, Education, 2.  Culture, Creativity, Design, 3. Health, Nutrition, 4. Languages, 5. Basic Skills, School-leaving Certificates, 6. Work, Career, Using Computers, 7. Integration Programmes for Immigrants.

VHS Hannover is part of a network of about 900 adult education centres of similar type all over Germany. They pursue common educational aims and are linked through an umbrella organisation (Deutscher Volkshochschulverband, DVV).

VHS Hannover has about 100 salaried employees. For its educational courses it uses the expertise of about 900 freelance teachers from a broad range of professional backgrounds.